Onshore wind energy

Onshore wind energy is the cheapest source of energy in Denmark – outcompeting any fossil fuel

Denmark is home to 4.4 GW onshore wind energy and as the cost of the technology has dropped drastically, wind turbines are a highly cost-efficient way to produce electricity. In fact, onshore wind energy is the cheapest source of energy in Denmark, and in many other parts of the world – outcompeting any fossil fuel. As wind turbines have an expected lifespan of approximately 20-25 years, many onshore wind farms in Denmark are currently undergoing repowering to replace retiring turbines. However, onshore wind turbines are continuously growing more and more efficient, which means that the total number of onshore turbines is expected to drop by about 50 per cent in the next decade while their total energy production is expected to more than double in the same period.

We invite you to explore onshore wind energy related solutions in more depth below, find potential partners, catch up on the latest news and discover real-life case examples of how onshore wind can help solve your energy issues.

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