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From challenge to opportunity

By leveraging clean energy solutions, efficient resource management and public-private partnerships,  Denmark aspires to accelerate just and equitable net-zero pathways.

As a not-for-profit, public-private partnership, State of Green connects international partners with Danish companies, changemakers, agencies, experts, and researchers to accelerate the global transition towards a sustainable, net-zero future.

How we work

Listen to Sound of Green: Stories from Denmark’s green transition

Listen to our podcast series, in which we explores Danish perspectives on the challenges of the global green transition. Through decades of experience, Denmark has turned many of these challenges into opportunities. By sharing these experiences, we hope to help you do the same.

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Explore Denmark's green value chains

Dive into our digital visualisation of Denmark’s green value chains, and discover companies and organisations that specialise in water- and wind-related technology, research and innovation.

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Discover publications on Denmark's green sectors

Download our white papers and magazines with valuable insights into methods, tools and state-of-the art solutions across different green sectors in Denmark and around the world.

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Listen to Sound of Green: Stories from Denmark’s green transition

Explore Denmark's green value chains

Discover publications on Denmark's green sectors

We match your challenges with sustainable solutions

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Explore +1600 solutions

Find inspiration to solve your green challenge among more than 1600 featured solutions, R&D projects and policy initiatives provided by our solution providers.

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Find your future solution provider

Connect with +600 organisations, companies, utilities, research institutions, financial institutions and public sector stakeholders to help solve your challenge.

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