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From challenge to opportunity

State of Green’s work is built on international partnerships, solutions, and insights within energy, water, cities, and circular economy.

Through decades of experience, Denmark has turned challenges within these four areas into opportunities. We are here to help you do the same.

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New white paper: Energy renovation of buildings

Long-term policies, holistic approaches, and innovative solutions by both the public and private sector have made Denmark a global leader in creating energy efficient buildings. Providing cases, pathways, and Danish perspectives, State of Green has published a new white paper looking at how to realise the untapped potential of the built environment with energy renovation of buildings.

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Climate partnerships 2030

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030. This is the ambitious climate goal set by the Danish government. But how do we get there? Building on the Danish tradition for public-private partnerships and recognising the private sector as a central actor, the Danish government has formed 14 climate partnerships. Each representing the different sectors in the Danish economy.

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The state of knowledge on GHG emissions in the wastewater sector

The latest IPCC report made it very clear - once again - that the planet is under severe stress and urgent climate action is needed immediately. It is necessary for everyone to contribute to the sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including all sectors in all countries. This calls for ambitious national and international policies and collaborations across borders and sectors – water included.

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New white paper: Energy renovation of buildings

Climate partnerships 2030

The state of knowledge on GHG emissions in the wastewater sector

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New virtual platform shares Danish offshore wind experiences

20 June 2022
Jump on a 3D helicopter ride and meet Danish offshore wind experts. A new virtual platform aims at sharing Danish experiences within offshore wind to accelerate the global green transition.




Using treated wastewater in Power-to-X

10 June 2022
Pure water is critical for Power-to-X and green fuel production. In Esbjerg, the new large-scale facility 'Høst' aims at using treated wastewater to make the future production more sustainable.