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Stories from Denmark’s green transition

Denmark’s green transition holds many stories of being faced with a challenge and choosing to see and, crucially, act on its potential for sustainable change. And we felt that they deserved to be told by those, who live them. That’s why we have created Sound of Green.

Each episode, we shed light on a given global challenge that Denmark has turned into an opportunity for fostering green solutions. We do so by inviting experts, solution providers and action takers to share their knowledge and experiences as inspiration.

Conveyed in a short, accessible format, Sound of Green is for anyone who is curious about how Denmark approaches climate action. You can find all episodes below or on your favorite podcast app. We hope you will enjoy listening.

Sub-national climate action

In this episode, we present insightful interviews with Mark Watts from the C40 network, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Pelle Bournonville from Realdania, and Louise Koch from Grundfos. Together, we explore each how cities are taking the lead in the race to net-zero.

Green investments are good investments

While the financial sector itself has a small direct carbon footprint, it plays a critical role in mobilising the capital needed to reach our international climate targets. And in Denmark, both private and public financial actors are showing how it can be done.

The Danish way of doing COP

When Denmark goes to the COP, both public and private actors come along to advocate for green progress. To understand what that looks like in practice, listen to our latest podcast episode.

Fueling the future with green hydrogen

In this episode, we explore why green hydrogen and power-to-x is a natural next step in the journey towards a future powered by renewable energy.

A world’s first in CO2 storage

The IPCC, the International Energy Association, and the European Union have all identified carbon capture and storage (CCS) as an important technological pathway for reducing CO2 emissions and achieving net zero.

Designing for sustainability in buildings

Buildings account for a staggering 40% of global energy consumption and are responsible for about 30% of global CO2 emissions. As such, it is imperative that we make both the existing building stock and future buildings energy efficient.

The cloudburst that changed Copenhagen and urban water management

From floods in Seoul to water scarcity in Cape Town, cities around the world are faced with the challenge of adapting their water management to more extreme and uncertain climate conditions. And Copenhagen has made important ground on how to do just that.

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Job creation and transition


Sound of Green, a podcast series with insights from Denmark’s green transition

27 January 2023
From managing cloudbursts to setting up climate partnerships, we examine how Denmark has turned acute climate challenges into new opportunities. In our podcast series Sound of Green, experts convey how Danish experiences can push the needle toward global green transition. Find it on Spotify, Apple Podcast and