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Who can become a solution provider?

If you want to be a solution provider on, there are some things you should be aware of. Read our solution provider profile policy to learn if you are eligible. We screen potential solution providers on an ongoing basis.

Criteria for becoming a solution provider

Bringing Danish solutions to international stakeholders

At State of Green we work tirelessly to promote the leading Danish players within the areas of energy, water, green cities, and circular economy to international stakeholders.

Through several selected offerings, we share our knowledge, experience, and solutions with the rest of the world, with the aim to stimulate debate, spur partnerships, and inspire others.

What you get

  • Online promotion aimed at potential customers, investors, and networks
  • Get highlighted in our international newsletter with more than 8.500 international subscribers
  • Become part of one or more of State of Green’s digital campaigns and social media activities
  • Delegation visits from political and commercial decision-makers as well as journalists
  • Get featured in one of our virtual site visits
  • Exposure in one or more of our publications through best practice cases
  • Get highlighted in our physical showroom, House of Green
  • Become part of our virtual tool, Green Together Experience

Want to become a solution provider?

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