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While in Copenhagen, seize the opportunity to do some green sightseeing with State of Green. Our Green Walk is an interactive audio tour presenting insights from Denmark’s green transition, while you explore the streets of Copenhagen.


A walk towards a greener tomorrow

How can one save energy, money, and reduce their CO2 footprint while maintaining architectural and aesthetic standards?

Find the answers by taking our ‘Green Walk’ and learn about Copenhagen’s measures to address climate change. The audio tour lets you discover green and energy-efficient buildings while learning about Denmark’s green ambitions and partnerships, symbolised through Copenhagen’s efforts to climate-adapt and create a liveable city.

The Green Walk of Copenhagen

Stroll through the streets of Copenhagen, while learning about the Danish green transition discovering green buildings along the way.

The audio tour takes approximately one hour to complete.

Stop 1: Axel Towers

A modern and energy-efficient landmark, Axel Towers is one of the new additions to the Copenhagen skyline. Located next to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, the buildings serve as beacons of sustainable development in the middle of Copenhagen.

Stop 2: Industriens Hus

Placed on the corner of Tivoli and the City Hall Square, Industriens Hus is home to the Confederation of Danish Industries as well as State of Green. Renovated in 2013, the historic building now boasts an array of green features, including an impressive glass and light-filled facade.

Stop 3: The City Hall

Located in the heart of the city, the City Hall of Copenhagen is where Copenhagen’s green ambitions see the light of day. Learn more about how Copenhagen has adapted to climate change through green initiatives, smart urban planning and innovative solutions.

Stop 4: BLOX

BLOX is a hub for innovation, creativity and sustainability – both inside and outside – placed at the edge of the Copenhagen waterfront. As a prime example of contemporary architecture, BLOX houses several creative organisations, such as the Danish Architecture Center, Creative Denmark and Bloxhub.

Stop 5: Copenhagen Harbour

Enjoy the picturesque and vibrant Copenhagen waterfront, while learning about Copenhagen’s efforts toward creating a green and liveable city for its citizens.
Learn about the transformation of the Copenhagen Harbour Baths, while looking towards the old Sugar Reffineries, now retrofitted and transformed into a modern office of the green energy organisation Green Power Denmark.

Stop 6: The Black Diamond

As a modern extension of the old Royal Library, the Black Diamond is a sustainable showcase with its shining black facade and energy-efficient solutions, securing an optimal indoor climate for its visitors and its
historic collections. Enjoy the tour through the library – from the inside or from the outside.

Stop 7: The Garden of the Royal Library

One of Copenhagen’s most secret green spots, The Garden of the Royal Library offers a breathing space in the middle of the city. Learn about how research and technology have pushed the green transition in Denmark.

Stop 8: Christiansborg Palace

The seat of the Danish Government, Christiansborg Palace is where sustainability and green ambitions are made. Hear about the Danish journey from black to green energy, and how public-private partnerships are paving the way towards reaching ambitious green targets.

The Green Walk of Copenhagen

Explore the green buildings of Copenhagen.

Take the audio tour either by opening your browser or by downloading the StoryHunt app.

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