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CO2 Brains

CO2 Brains

About CO2 Brains

Developing countries suffer the most from climate change and the loss of biodiversity and fertile land. Yet these countries also offer opportunities in the form of skilled labour and available degraded land, usable for regenerative projects. CO2 Brains provides free educational material about regenerative biology-based circular solutions to organizations in developing countries and helps these organizations find funding in developed countries to implement these projects.


Founded: 2021

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Skørping, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Air pollution

Air pollution in agriculture

Bio-based circular solutions


Biodiversity COP


Empowering Communities, Restoring the Planet
We develop and implement regenerative carbon credit projects in developing countries that improve lives and local environments.
Here’s how we achieve impact:
  • Nature-Based Solutions: We focus on projects that harness the power of nature to capture carbon, such as reforestation, mangrove restoration, and improved agricultural practices.
  • Community-Centric Approach: We work closely with local communities to ensure projects meet their needs and empower them to become stewards of their environment.
  • Sustainable Livelihoods: Our projects create jobs, promote sustainable land management practices, and contribute to residents’ better quality of life.
  • Verified Carbon Offsets: We ensure our projects meet rigorous standards and deliver verified carbon credits that businesses and individuals can purchase to offset their emissions footprint.
  • Free Educational Programs: We provide free educational programs on environmental conservation and sustainable practices to empower communities to manage their natural resources effectively for the long term.
By choosing our company, you’re not just investing in carbon reduction but investing in a better future for both people and the planet.

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