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Discover the green value chains

Dive into our digital visualisation of Denmark’s green value chains, and discover companies and organizations that specialize in water- and wind-related technology, research, and innovation.

Explore the green value chains

The environmental and societal benefits of Denmark’s water and wind sector are immeasurable. By ensuring sustainable water management and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, the sectors are helping to combat climate change, improve public health and support economic growth.

Since the 90s, Denmark has reduced Co2 emissions, water consumption as well as gross energy consumption. These reductions and the continued economic growth were and are brought to realisation by innovative clean-tech companies, workable regulation, and sound governance.

Discover Denmark’s green value chains

Denmark is home to the entire wind energy and water value chains. And here you will find the digital platforms to prove it – and for you to explore how you can turn your next challenge into both a good and green business opportunity.

The Danish digital value chain platforms for wind and water provide a visual overview of which companies can support you through your next challenge and help you in your endeavours to combat climate change and obtain economic growth.

The platform provides a comprehensive overview of the Danish know-how and solutions within the wind and water sector laying the groundwork for potential partnerships across countries, that enable impact for the global fight against climate change. Whether it is building and achieving a clean energy source or reaching for a climate and energy-neutral water cycle.

Water Value Chain

From water treatment and supply to wastewater management and environmental conservation, the Danish water sector encompasses it all. Discover solution providers throughout Denmark's water value chain.
Explore the water value chain

Wind Value Chain

From R&D, installation and grid management to sustainable supply chains, Denmark covers the entire spectre of the wind industry. Discover solution providers throughout Denmark's wind value chain.
Explore the wind value chain

Find your next business opportunity by partnering up with Denmark's green solution providers. Discover Denmark's sustainable value chains at

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