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State of Green
Vesterbrogade 1E
DK – 1620 Copenhagen V

State of Green employees

State of Green is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership from Denmark. Learn more about State of Green here.

Finn Mortensen

Executive Director

+45 2249 6511
Majken Kalhave

Head of Programmes (Bioenergy)

+45 2371 2606
Ulrik Raabjerg Søndergaard

Head of Communications

+45 4047 8004
Anette Kørschen Brænder

Head of Press Relations (District Energy)

+45 4010 6518
Tanya Gottlieb Jacobsen

Head of Business Development (Water and Climate Change Adaptation)

+45 2249 6514
Gry Brostrøm

Head of Marketing (Circular Economy)

+45 2249 6515
Charlotte Gjedde

Senior Project Manager (Energy and Energy Efficiency)

+45 2057 0070
Rasmus G. Jakobsen

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

+45 2949 4450
Martha Marriner

Project Manager (Clean Energy Sources)

+45 2249 6510
Mie Johnson

Project Manager (Urban Planning, Transportation and Clean Air)

+45 4047 8001
Anne Bollerup Friisberg

Project Manager (Smart City Solutions)

+45 4047 8322
Henrik Skou

Project Manager (Tours)

+45 2249 6513
Julie Schmidt Nielsen

Project Assistant

+45 2329 3600
Ke Yu

Project Assistant & Contact for Chinese Enquires

+45 2371 2604
Martin Brendstrup

Project Assistant

+45 7210 0179
Line Brink

Project Assistant

+45 2056 0068
Melissa Kälin

Project Assistant & Contact for German Enquires

+45 7210 0179
Stine Lund Trinhammer

Office Assistant

+45 7210 0179

P4G Secretariat

P4G, Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030, is a global initiative that seeks to accelerate the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 via market driven green solutions. Learn more about P4G here.

Iver Høj Nielsen

Head Of P4G Activities

+45 2249 6512
Josefine Urup

Partnership Specialist

+45 4047 8003
Rasmus Gravesen

Project Assistant

+45 2329 4600

Board of Directors

Torkil Bentzen, Chairman


Michael Dithmer, Deputy Chairman

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

Morten Bæk

Permanent Secretary
Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate

Tejs Binnerup

Deputy Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Environment and Food

Susanne Hyldelund

State Secretary
The Trade Council at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thomas Bustrup

Deputy Director General
Confederation of Danish Industry

Troels Ranis

Confederation of Danish Industry

Jakob Askou Bøss

Senior Vice President
Ørsted (Confederation of Danish Industry)

Kim Nøhr Skibsted

Executive Director
Poul Due Jensen Foundation (Grundfos Foundation) (Confederation of Danish Industry Representative)

Jan Laustsen

Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Anders Stouge

Deputy Director General
Danish Energy Association

Jan Hylleberg

Wind Denmark