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P4G – Pioneering Green Partnerships, Investing in Impact – accelerates pioneering market-based partnerships to build sustainable and resilient economies. P4G invests in impact to deliver inclusive and tangible solutions to build back better and greener to meet the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. As the national platform for P4G activities in Denmark, State of Green facilitates partnerships and engages local companies to take part in the pioneering P4G partnerships to deliver inclusive and sustainable growth.

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Innovation hub for partnerships

The P4G initiative aims at engaging private companies and governments in partnerships with the purpose of solving the UN’s 17 development goals. As the national platform for P4G activities in Denmark, State of Green will help facilitate such partnerships.

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The initiative

P4G is an international initiative supported by countries, businesses, international organisations, academia and civil society. P4G mobilizes an ecosystem of 12 partner countries, 5 organizational partners, and more than 240 corporate and civil society partners representing an engaged action-oriented alliance of governments, businesses, and investors.

The Danish initiative is co-created in close collaboration with the partner countries Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, South Africa and Vietnam.

In addition to the partnering countries, the initiative is supported by organisations such as the World Resources Institute, C40 Cities, Global Green Growth Institute, and State of Green.

This powerful action-oriented alliance accelerates partnerships and themes aligned with national and global priorities such as inclusive green growth, SDG implementation, and a net-zero future for a more inclusive and economically resilient society.

Inaugural P4G summit

In 2018, Denmark hosted the inaugural P4G summit which convened some of the world’s most prominent leaders from governments, business, and civil society.

The role of State of Green as the Danish P4G hub

Each partner country will constitute a national platform that will be tailored to the national context. As the Danish P4G platform, State of Green is essential for P4G’s global impact, as it will unlock local partnerships, opportunities and resources. Furthermore, State of Green helps and facilitates high-level summits to get commitment and awareness of the initiative. As the national hub, State of Green Denmark works closely with the P4G Coordination Hub in Washington, D.C.

More specifically, the work performed by State of Green within P4G staging, is intended to give the Danish business community access to relevant partners and governments within emerging markets who share Denmark’s ambitious intention to meet the SDGs.

The P4G model

P4G focuses its work within three areas:

  1. P4G supports the best ideas
    P4G’s public-private partnerships pursue specific global development goals through market-based actions. The partnerships are supported in three ways: funding, facilitation and recognition.
  2. P4G connects the world’s leading CEOs and government ministers
    From CEOs to government ministers, the global P4G network will influence policies and implement transformative ideas at scale. The best solutions will be showcased at the biennial summit and other events.
  3. P4G focuses on what works
    The partnerships are built on accountability and impact. This evidence-driven approach means that P4G target partnerships with the highest chances of improving lives for current and future generations.

Danish P4G Partnerships

Explore how Danish partners are participating in and supporting P4G partnerships that aim to spur on impactful sustainable change around the globe.

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