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What we do

As your one-stop-shop to more than 600 Danish businesses, agencies, academic institutions, experts, and researchers, State of Green connects you with leading Danish players working to drive the global transition to a sustainable, low-carbon, resource-efficient society. Whether you are looking for inspiration on energy, water, circular economy, or cities, we match your challenges with experts and solutions.

We connect.

We connect your local challenges with Danish experts and leading solution providers working to drive the global green transition.

We inspire.

By sharing Danish experiences, we inspire others on moving toward greener, more sustainable economies while saving cost, resources, and time.

We share.

50 years of green transition has given rise to a lot of know-how, research, and tangible solutions. By sharing these, we strive for joint progress and global development.

Four global challenges

Like most nations and businesses, Denmark faces four major challenges. Through decades of experience, Denmark has turned some of these challenges into opportunities. By sharing these experiences, we are here to help you do the same.

Our main tools

State of Green shares Danish know-how via publications, digital showcases, at international conferences, by welcoming delegations, and through media engagements. With an active voice and an international presence, we hope that others will learn from Denmark’s green transition.


We plan and facilitate international events, meetings, and export drives, both online and in-person

Delegation visits

We plan and host international delegation visits to Denmark, both public and private decision-makers
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We showcase the most relevant Danish green solutions

Expos and conferences

We represent the Danish green vision at international expos and conferences
Expos and conferences

Branding tools and materials

We offer a wide range of tools and materials for green events hosted by Danish embassies and consulates, among others

Press and communications

We communicate about Danish green solutions and know-how through the press, news, newsletters, and social media

Programmes and projects

We engage in relevant programmes and projects focused on accelerating the global green transition
Programmes and projects