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From black to green: The story of Denmark's green transition

Denmark’s transition is a story of moving from black to green by means of public-private partnerships, broad political agreements, strong research and development and a private sector charging action at an early stage.

Video credits: State of Green

Over the past five decades, Denmark has pioneered energy transition through ambitious policies, technological innovation and the implementation of solutions on land and sea. Harnessing wind power remains a cornerstone in the Danish transition while a society-wide focus on energy efficiency and sustainable water management ensures that every drop, every crop and every watt counts.

Technological ventures and progressive regulations across industry, transport, construction, agriculture and urban planning generate new jobs and spur economic growth. As one of the world’s most open and interconnected economies, Danish companies and public institutions continue to share solutions achieving outcomes greater than the sum of their parts.

The building block is local as well as global collaboration, fostering breakthroughs with risk-taking capital, forward-looking policy and ambitious industries. Together with its international peers, Danish partners integrate ideas and break down barriers, allowing budding technologies and green inventions to thrive.

The Danish Climate Act sets a near-term target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 by 70% compared to the level of emissions in 1990, and for to achieve a climate-neutral society by 2050. But while Danish ventures within green transition and public-private partnerships prove valuable, the effects are only truly unleashed if the solutions, products and innovations fare globally.

Denmark accounts for 0.1 percent of global CO2 emissions. In accelerating global net-zero pathways, national efforts offer little but inspiration. Inspiration that stands on the shoulder of societal efforts underlining why public-private efforts are essential in the quest to develop technologies, policies and partnerships to accelerate the green transition. Above all, Denmark offers a 50-year strong foundation and a green legacy with primed solutions and ingenuity, which hopefully can show the way for bigger economies.

Now, as the world faces an urgent call for electrification and decarbonisation, we need that ingenuity and collaboration more than ever. By blending the strength of public and private sectors, Denmark aspires to accelerate just and equitable net-zero pathways.