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Denmark's water value chain

Discover solution providers across the Danish water sector.

Explore the water value chain

Discover the Danish water value chain

Dive into our digital visualisation of Denmark’s water value chain, and discover companies and organizations that specialize in water-related technology, research, and innovation.

Discover the water value chain

Find your next business opportunity. Explore Denmark’s water value chain 

Denmark’s water sector is an essential component of its economy and society, with a value chain that encompasses everything from water treatment and supply to wastewater management and environmental conservation.

At the heart of this value chain are Denmark’s water sector companies and organizations that specialize in water-related technology, research, and innovation. From developing new water treatment technologies to finding ways to conserve and reuse water, these companies are paramount in driving the industry forward and shaping its future.

But the value chain doesn’t stop there – Denmark’s water utilities, play the central role working diligently to ensure that the country’s water resources are clean, safe, and accessible for all. These utilities are responsible for everything from sourcing and treating raw water to collecting and treating to highest standard ensuring that the water dependent environment continues to thrive, and natural water resources are pollution free.

And of course, the environmental and societal benefits of Denmark’s water sector are immeasurable. By ensuring access to clean, safe water, Denmark’s water sector is improving public health and supporting economic development. And through its focus on sustainable water management, the sector is also helping to protect and preserve Denmark’s natural resources for future generations.



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