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Job creation and just transition

Air pollution

Air pollution from industry production


Sound of Green, a podcast series with insights from Denmark’s green transition

From managing cloudbursts to setting up climate partnerships, we examine how Denmark has turned acute climate challenges into new opportunities. In our podcast series Sound of Green, experts convey how Danish experiences can push the needle toward global green transition. Find it on Spotify, Apple Podcast and

Denmark’s green transition holds many stories of being faced with a challenge and choosing to act on its potential for sustainable change. And we felt that they deserved to be told by those, who live them. That’s why we have created Sound of Green.

Each episode, we shed light on a given global challenge that Denmark has turned into an opportunity for fostering green solutions. We do so by inviting experts, solutions providers and action takers to share their knowledge and experiences as inspiration.

Conveyed in a short, accessible format, Sound of Green is for anyone who is curious about how Denmark approaches climate action. You can find all episodes below or on your favorite podcast app:




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