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Half Double Institute

Half Double Institute

About Half Double Institute

Are you looking to reach higher impact at a faster pace with your projects? Then contact us to learn more about how you can leverage the Danish-developed project management methodology Half Double.


Founded: 2020

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Copenhagen

Organisation type: Organisation


Bio-based circular solutions



Energy efficiency in buildings

Green buildings


Half Double is a modern and agile project management methodology that stands out as a great choice for green projects that take place in a fast-evolving landscape in terms of regulation, technical possibilities and market opportunities. Its agile nature makes it perfectly suited to navigate the dynamic business environment inherent in such initiatives.

At its core, Half Double isn’t just another project management approach; it’s a methodology deeply rooted in understanding human behavior, unpredictability, and complexity. This foundation has been tested and validated by research across diverse industries and project types, proving its efficacy time and again.

Half Double places a strong emphasis on the actual value generated by a project, rather than solely focusing on deliverables. With its three core elements and nine simple tools, Half Double is designed to streamline project lead times while maximizing the early realization of benefits. This focus on value creation aligns seamlessly with the objectives of green projects, which often prioritize long-term sustainability and impact over short-term outputs.

What makes Half Double particularly appealing for green projects is its adaptability. Through a concept known as Local Translation, organizations can tailor Half Double’s principles to align seamlessly with their systems, culture, and organizational goals. This flexibility ensures that the methodology can be integrated smoothly into the unique challenges and requirements of green initiatives.

One of the defining features of Half Double is its hybrid nature. By blending elements from both traditional project management practices and agile methodologies, Half Double offers a versatile framework that can complement existing project management standards. Furthermore, organizations can even leverage the strengths of their current project management standards or frameworks while incorporating the value-driven approach of Half Double.

In essence, the Half Double Methodology offers a powerful toolkit for green projects seeking to navigate the complexities of the green transition. Its agile approach, coupled with its emphasis on value creation, makes it an ideal choice for organizations looking to drive meaningful change in the sustainable development landscape.
The Half Double Institute is a not-for-profit association that can help you learn more about the methodology and connect you with training organisations and consultancies that can help you get Half Double project management skills or external help with the implementation of projects with a Half Double approach.

Don’t hesitate to reach out – we are currently expanding our knowhow specifically in the context of green transition projects and would very much like to explore opportunities together with you!

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