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Wind turbine installation

Efficient and sustainable turbine maintenance and installation

3. April 2023

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Liftra is a global corporation recognized by the international wind turbine industry as an expert within lifting and transportation solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, Liftra designs, engineers, manufactures, and delivers tailor-made solutions to enable economically attractive, and efficient wind turbine installation and maintenance.

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Wind turbines are a crucial component in the transition towards renewable energy sources. By harnessing the power of wind, they generate electricity, which is an abundant and clean source of energy.

However, as the demand for wind energy increases, so does the need for efficient and sustainable solutions in the wind turbine industry. The installation and maintenance of wind turbines can be complex and costly, especially as wind turbine products grow in size. Furthermore, the process of wind turbine maintenance and installation also generates CO2 emissions. Therefore, finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of wind turbine installation and maintenance is essential to ensure that wind energy remains a sustainable and viable option for the future.


For more than 20 years, Liftra has been focused on creating solutions that support wind turbine maintenance and installation, providing innovative equipment which directly focuses on targeting these challenges. As of recently Liftra has been expanding its product portfolio to enable the use of its Self-Hoisting Crane, tower yoke and blade yokes in an offshore setting.

Liftra has developed equipment making turbine installation and maintenance more cost effective, reducing mobilization scope as well as CO2 levels, while at the same time increasing efficiency. Liftra solutions provide the ability to lift all turbine specific major components in high wind speeds. The Self-Hoisting Crane is Liftra’s core product and provides compact and sustainable turbine maintenance by reducing the need of conventional cranes and enabling the use of easier available vessels which therefore reduces the mobilization costs and the emitted CO2.


Currently Liftra is in the last stages of development process for the LT1500 Turbine Installation Crane which will be able to conduct both installation and maintenance of wind turbines. This crane is created with focus on deployment into complex sites, cost efficiency and sustainability. Similar to the LT1200 Self-Hoisting Crane, the LT1500 Turbine Installation crane will enable installation of the ever-increasing taller wind turbines.

In 2022, Liftra’s offshore projects included deploying the LT1200 Self-Hoisting Crane for main component replacement at the lake Vänern in Sweden. The crane was successfully applied for a gearbox exchange on a 3MW wind turbine for Innovent. Additionally, Liftra’s Tower Yoke and Blade Eagle were applied to support the installation of first commercial wind farm in France at the at the Parc éolien en mer de Saint-Nazaire wind farm, where the Blade Eagle installed more than 200 blades.

Liftra solutions are available worldwide with offices in Denmark, US, Spain, China, Vietnam, Australia, and Brazil. According to Liftra’s CEO and co-owner Per Fenger:

‘’Liftra strives to push boundaries in the engineering field and set new standards that can lower the cost of green energy.’’