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Topsoe unveils plans for advanced electrolyser factory in the US

With its largest investment in the US yet, Topsoe has announced plans to establish an advanced electrolyser factory for clean hydrogen production, possessing a capacity exceeding 1 GW.

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Pledging its largest investment in the US yet, Topsoe has allocated EUR 375m to establish a new and advanced electrolyser factory for producing clean hydrogen. With the projected capacity exceeding 1 GW, Topsoe’s new factory in Chesterfield, Virginia, is poised to avoid emissions of up to 2m tonnes of CO2e annually. This amount is equivalent to avoiding the yearly emissions from more than 400.000 petrol-fueled vehicles.

The factory will be Topsoe’s largest investment in the US to date. A Final Investment Decision (FID) will be based on an assessment of market conditions and developments. If FID is taken, the facility, combined with the company’s SOEC factory in Herning, Denmark, will make Topsoe the largest SOEC manufacturer in the world.

The facility will produce advanced and energy-efficient Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells (SOEC), which are important for the efficient generation of clean hydrogen and its derivatives such as eAmmonia and eMethanol. Topsoe’s SOEC technology features an increase in electrolyser efficiency of up to 30% compared to other electrolysis technologies, resulting in the production of more hydrogen per unit of power input.

In addition to this, the new investment is expected to create at least 150 direct jobs in Virginia, USA, and more than 1000 indirect jobs through the consequent value chain.

“We at Topsoe believe in a sustainable future created by science. With this new facility, we will help drive down the cost of clean hydrogen by employing our innovative SOEC technology which is up to 30% more efficient than competing technologies. Our factory will ensure the economic and environmental aspects of the hydrogen economy are felt in the decades to come.” Kim Hedegaard, CEO at Power-to-X at Topsoe

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Electrolysers and subsequent clean hydrogen and e-fuels hold considerable potential for reducing CO₂ emissions in hard-to-electrify industries such as steel production and heavy transportation, which account for approximately 30% of global GHG emissions.

Furthermore, clean hydrogen and e-fuels offer great potential for system integration, sector coupling, and deployment of renewable energy sources.

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Creating growth, local jobs and clean energy

The US hydrogen industry is rapidly growing. And with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) potential returns for many climate-aligned and transition-friendly projects, the US is well-positioned to drive the global hydrogen market forward. Projects such as the Topsoe electrolyser factory can help boost economic growth, create local jobs, and provide cheaper clean energy.

“I am thrilled that Topsoe has chosen the great Commonwealth of Virginia for its new, state-of-the-art factory that will be key to scaling clean hydrogen production. Virginia’s robust workforce, strategic location, and top business climate provide the necessary tools for Topsoe to continue to grow as a leader in the clean energy industry.” Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia

Topsoe’s SOEC electrolysis technology is a modular design that operates at significantly higher temperatures compared to other electrolyzer technologies – a tested and proven process that enables industrial-scale production of green hydrogen using renewable electricity.

When coupled with waste heat from downstream production (from processes producing ammonia, methanol or steel production), Topsoe’s SOEC technology will produce up to 30% more hydrogen per total power input when compared to conventional electrolyzer technologies. It further allows for the lowest levelised hydrogen cost per megawatt volume, no matter the industry.   

“We are thrilled to announce our plans for a new state-of the art US facility that will manufacture Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell stacks (SOEC), the key element to the world’s most efficient electrolyzer technology for producing clean hydrogen. Through legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act and strong support from individual states such as Virginia, the US government is helping to accelerate the clean energy transition. With our strong dedication to innovation, we will help the US achieve its goals of driving down the cost of clean hydrogen and delivering clean energy jobs.” Roeland Baan, CEO at Topsoe

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Denmark's green hydrogen journey

Just as Denmark has played an essential role in growing the offshore wind industry, the country is well-positioned to apply its experience to propel the green hydrogen journey.

Building on the 2020 Climate Act, Denmark has set an ambition targeting 4-6 GW of green hydrogen production by 2030 and settled its first hydrogen tenders in 2023.

Explore why green hydrogen and power-to-x are the natural next steps in the journey towards a future powered by renewable energy.

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