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Sustainable fuels

The world’s biggest and most advanced electrolyser manufacturing facility

3. May 2023

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Topsoe is a leading global developer and supplier of decarbonization technology, catalysts, and solutions for the energy transition. Our mission is to combat climate change by helping our partners and customers achieve their decarbonization and emission-reduction targets, including those in hard-to-abate sectors such as aviation, shipping, and the production of raw materials.

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With the growing interest in renewable energy sources and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the demand for electrolysers is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. However, the current supply of electrolysers is limited, which presents a challenge for companies looking to invest in this technology.

To meet this challenge, companies must invest in the construction of new electrolyser production facilities that can scale as the technology matures and demand increases. This requires a strategic approach to project planning, resource management, and production optimization, as well as a deep understanding of the technology and market dynamics.


CREADIS is a globally operating with more than 700 expert engineers with specialist knowledge across multiple engineering disciplines. CREADIS has a long history of assisting clients in establishing production facilities globally, and their extensive knowledge of what elements need to be in place to ensure flexibility and agility during such complex projects helps their clients, increase their time to market, steer clear of potential pitfalls and minimizes risk along the way.

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Topsoe, a Danish-based global leader in carbon emission reduction technology, has set an ambitious goal of building the world’s biggest and most advanced electrolyser manufacturing facility in Herning, Denmark. The 72,000 square meter facility will to be built in just two and a half years and open in 2025.

The facility can deliver an annual electrolyser production capacity of 500 MW with an option to further upscaling capacity, as the technology matures and demand increases. At the production facility, Topsoe will produce its new SOEC Electrolysers that are currently under development.

For the construction of the facility, Topsoe has partnered up with global engineering and consulting company, CREADIS. With the teams working in parallel, Topsoe and CREADIS will be able to begin large scale production of Topsoe’s new electrolyser technology as soon as the development is finalised. CREADIS has ensured this by continuously assessing the workforce size and competencies needed.


The new electrolyser production facility will ensure that time to market for innovative Power-to-X technology is significantly shortened. This can lead to several positive impacts, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the creation of new jobs and the promotion of energy security and independence.

The use of power-to-x technology can also help to diversify the energy mix, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and increasing energy resilience.