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New publication explores Denmark’s push to decarbonise global shipping

As climate and energy leaders gather at COP28, a newly launched publication highlights Denmark’s commitment to accelerating the global transition towards climate-neutral shipping.

New publication: Denmark’s push to decarbonise global shipping

Committed to achieving climate-neutral shipping by 2050, Denmark is at the forefront of green shipping. Download the publication to explore how governments and the private sector can work together to decarbonise shipping.

Discover the publication

Shipping accounts for nearly 3% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, and as the demand for global freight increases, maritime trade volumes are set to triple by 2050.

Denmark stands as one of the biggest seafaring nations in the world, with a strong shipping heritage. Every fifth minute, a Danish-operated ship calls at a port somewhere in the world, contributing to connecting markets and keeping world trade flowing.

With this role comes an even bigger responsibility to be at the forefront of the green transition, pushing for climate action and ambitious global regulation towards net-zero shipping. Danish authorities and shipping companies have in collaboration set ambitious targets to slash global greenhouse gas emissions and aim for climate-neutral shipping by 2050.

Spotlighting Danish green shipping at COP28

Building on longstanding maritime traditions, Denmark is committed to finding ways to overcome regulatory, financial technological, and political barriers. To support this, a new publication seeks to accelerate the decarbonising of global shipping, by showcasing insights and examples from Denmark’s push towards climate-neutral shipping.

Launched at COP28 during Shipping Day on 6. December, a new publication made in collaboration with Danish Shipping, shed light on how the Danish government and Danish shipping companies have worked together on the journey towards decarbonising the shipping industry. Touching upon the shipping industry’s role in offshore wind energy, carbon capture and storage, energy efficiency and more, the publication presents how Denmark, as one of the world’s largest shipping nations, pursues a rapid uptake of commercially viable solutions towards climate-neutral shipping while ensuring a just transition.

The publication launched during a high-level opening session on “Next Generation Global Shipping” at the Denmark Pavillon at COP28 in Dubai, where industry leaders, policymakers and investors gathered to discuss pathways and collaborative efforts to move the needle on green shipping. Participants included Lars Aagaard, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities in Denmark, and Reece Whitby, Western Australian Minister for Environment and Climate Action.

About the publication

Committed to achieving climate-neutral shipping by 2050, Denmark is at the forefront of green shipping. The significant contribution to the development of new energy sources, including offshore wind parks and carbon capture and storage, makes the Danish shipping industry a key partner in decarbonising global shipping.

Dive into our newly published publication, and disvoer Denmark’s push to decarbonise global shipping through public-private partnerships and industry-led initiatives aiming at achieving climate-neutral shipping by 2050.

Key take-aways

Explore ​how the shipping industry can help unlock the global potential for offshore wind, CCUS and green hydrogen.

Learn ​how shipping can play a part in ensuring a just, equitable and green transition

Understand ​how shipping can act as a lever for green jobs and livelihood opportunities

Be inspired by cutting-edge solutions and public-private partnerships propelling the green shipping agenda forward

Discover the publication

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