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Climate COP

Nordic Council of Ministers and Arup to highlight Nordic climate mitigation solutions at COP29

The Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned a project to spur Nordic non-party stakeholder engagement in dialogues and events conducted under the Sharm el-Sheikh mitigation ambition and implementation work program (Mitigation Work Program or MWP) under the UNFCCC.
9 July 2024
The aim of the project is to showcase Nordic solutions and best practices on cities, buildings and urban systems. The global engineering and consultancy company Arup has been selected to engage the private sector, government officials, and knowledge institutions across the Nordics in developing a shared approach to create awareness of solutions for climate-resilient cities to be presented at COP29.

“We in the Nordic region are committed to demonstrate that there are mitigation and adaptation options available in all sectors that can be applied and scaled up globally. We expect all countries that have the tools, know-how and institutional and financial capacity to step up and lead by example, including in the build-up of such capacities in developing countries,” affirmed by the Nordic Ministers to the Environment and Climate in a declaration leading up to the UNFCCC COP28.

Arup will create and maintain the shared platform and is inviting the private sector, government officials, and knowledge institutions across the Nordics to be part of the process of creating a shared Nordic catalog and policy briefs of climate mitigation solutions to scale. The documented solutions will be communicated before and during COP29 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

“We are honored to be selected by the Nordic Council of Ministers to engage in this highly important task of sharing Nordic solutions with the rest of the world. With our extensive knowledge and global experience in creating climate-resilient cities and green urban infrastructure, we understand the importance and the added value that Nordic solutions can bring globally,” says Peter Vangsbo, leader of Sustainability and Climate Services at Arup in Copenhagen.

For more information or to join in the discussion please join the LinkedIn Group (1) Nordic MWP Platform | Groups | LinkedIn.

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