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Taking responsibility for wind transport and logistics

20. April 2023

Solution provider

Blue Water Shipping

Blue Water Shipping is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management and the largest wind terminal operator in the world. At the heart of Blue Water is an organisation of professionals skilled to offer complete and tailor-made solutions to any shipping and transport requirement anywhere in the world.

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There’s no denying that the transport and logistics sector presents one of the most pressing areas of transformation in the green transition. Today, the sector is responsible for around 24% of global CO2 emissions – a number which may rise to as much as 50% if not acted upon. At the same time, transport and logistics play a key role in realising the many renewable solutions, which the green transition deeply depends upon.

In Denmark, the binding target of a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 hinges on the mounting of large amounts of renewables, particularly wind energy. For that task to be performed sustainably, the entire wind value chain must be aligned around green practices. And green transport and logistic solutions are a vital part of the equation.


The Danish transport and logistics company Blue Water Shipping is a global supplier of Supply Chain Management services, and since the mid-nineties, they’ve delivered solutions to support the ever-growing renewables industry.

Covering everything from transport and storage of turbine components to project and data management, Blue Water Shipping aims to make the logistics of wind projects as effective and sustainable as possible. Working both on and offshore, their services comprise short and deep-sea solutions, including haulage from factory to site for turbines, solar power cells, foundations, cables and other components.

With an extensive portfolio of both on- and offshore wind projects under their belt, they have continuously refined their one-stop-shop approach.

Some of their recent initiatives concern how to best stack and load cargo in truck transport, and while it may seem trivial, it is of great importance. Every cubic meter and load meter counts on the green bottom line as it can help reduces the number of drives needed to make deliveries. By using speciality pallet racks and consulting data to continuously optimize the spatial capacity in their storage and transport, Blue Water Shipping is improving sustainability in crucial links in the wind value chain.


By perfecting the way cargo is stacked in storage and transport, Blue Water Shipping has been able to reduce the CO2 emission for each delivery by 50%. This benefits both the green and the economic bottom line.

In the big picture, the way Blue Water Shipping operates reflects an awareness of the responsibility they have. As they represent a sector that is hard to abate, they have committed themselves to transparency in their green transition to share their best practices and accelerate the efforts across the sector. These include yearly internal sustainability reports and documenting their transition to greener fuels as they become available.

The notion of responsibility crucially extends beyond just environmental sustainability. By working strategically with the Sustainable Development Goals and the ESG framework, Blue Water Shipping is on a mission to ensure that the grand ambitions of wind energy and other renewables in seen through in a manner that is both environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.