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a:gain ApS

a:gain ApS

About a:gain ApS

We develop, produce and deliver upcycled circular building elements and interior products at scale for B2B clients. We substitute existing high-emmiting products, reduce raw material consumption, and remove waste streams using novel production processes backed by advanced digital infrastructure.


Founded: 2021

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Copenhagen

Organisation type: Company



Circular building design

Circular building materials

Circular business models

Circular construction

a:gain manifesto

This is a promise to the future. A promise that helps us to set direction and stick to it. We are going to be the crest of the new wave, create hope and show the opportunities of the future. A changing future. Everything changes and yet we do what we have always done. But the world of tomorrow should be better than today. The next generations should not only survive. They should be able to lead good and healthy lives. More people must be offered better opportunities. But if we don’t change the way we have comfortably arranged ourselves, the consequences could be disastrous for many. Irrevocable for some. Paradoxically, the systems, industries and crafts that are busy providing people with the framework for life are also among the main reasons why the conditions of life are pushed to the limit. That’s mostly true of what we base our lives on. Our food and drink. Our clothes, bits, pieces, and personal belongings. And that also applies to the very framework of our lives. Home and work. Buildings and cities. We squander, consume and discard. The planet’s resources have been put under pressure, and so have we. This calls for radical changes in our way of life. That really needs to be spelled out once and for all!


We in a:gain are here to be those changes. And fortunately, we are not alone. Many are with us.


Our world has untold amounts of untapped resources. Waste, overproduction, biproducts and everything we are surrounded by.
All of which is raw material for far-sighted innovation. We need to study and mobilise traditional systems in combination with new mindsets to create a sustainable world rather than conquering completely new worlds. The climate crisis cannot be solved by starting all over again. This is the only earth we have.
We must think circularly, we must seek positive loops. We need to create our world with the continuous use of our resources. This is how we invent products and materials to turn construction and interior into homes for future life. a:gain creates new earth and climate-friendly solutions for innovative and far-sighted buildings. Together, therefore, we put a smaller footprint on the planet and make a great and insistent leap towards a brighter future. That’s how we build a better future together. A better life, more life.


We’ll do it.



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