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The gateway to offshore wind energy in Northern Europe

15. March 2023

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Port Esbjerg

Port Esbjerg is the North Sea’s leading port for offshore wind, base to the Danish offshore industry and an international hub for multimodal transport with six regular RoRo liner services.

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. Offshore wind energy plays a key role in this by providing a clean, renewable energy source, which has been a major part of Denmark’s and Europe’s energy supply.

However, the rising demand for wind energy installation along with the increasing size of components has brought new challenges to overcome, with manufacturing, assembling and transport of blades, turbines and other parts adding pressure on infrastructure.

Hence, ports that can offer capacity, access, and support, play an integral role in the growing offshore wind industry.


The Port of Esbjerg, originally built in 1868 as a fishing harbour, is Denmark’s largest port and a crucial part of a specialized network of ports in the offshore wind sector. Covering 4.5 million square meters, Port of Esbjerg is now the world’s largest base port for offshore wind activities and a front-runner in the European offshore wind sector. The port is home to more than 200 companies employing around 10.000 workers.

One of the port’s key competitive advantages is that it is a key link between production facilities in Northern Europe and offshore wind sites in the North Sea and surrounding waters. The Port of Esbjerg is the only place in the world, home to companies from the entire wind value chain. From R&D, manufacturing, over transport, and pre-assembly, to installation and maintenance.



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The transformation from a fishing harbour to an energy metropolis has generated extensive job growth and attracted investments, habitants, and workers to the city of Esbjerg. With its prime location by the North Sea, The Port of Esbjerg has become a key player in the European offshore wind sector, shipping out to more than 80% of the installed offshore wind capacity in Europe.

The local prosperity has also had positive spill-over effects on the national level, contributing to the broader success story of the Danish wind industry.

However, the transformation is far from over, and the port needs to focus on scalability, flexibility, and industry collaboration to meet the challenges posed by the ever-evolving wind industry.

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