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Securing a stable and green energy supply

A paradigm shift is taking place on a global scale. We are witnessing a historic conversion of energy systems that are based on fossil fuels to ones powered by clean energy. Technological developments, growing political will and price decreases mean that the number of clean energy options are expanding.

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Harbour Houses

2 June 2022
262 mixed social housing units for a wide range of residents – young people, families and elderly at the former container harbour in central Aarhus. How to combine the need for affordable housing with the two contrasting scales of the inner harbour of Aarhus – on one side the large urban




Energy Machines Acquires Key Geothermal Technology Provider

28 January 2022
News summary Energy Machines announced it has closed its acquisition of Enopsol, the leading provider of ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage)-based energy systems in the Danish market. The acquis
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