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About Innargi

We are unlocking the potential of geothermal on an industrial scale.


Founded: 2017

Employees: 51-250

HQ: Lyngby, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


District energy

District heating

Today, Europe’s heating sector still relies heavily on fossil fuels, but we need something better. Volatile prices and inconsistent supply threaten households and businesses alike, and if Europe fails to decarbonise heat, our chances of achieving NetZero by 2050 fall to 0% – We want to change that.

By unlocking the untapped potential of geothermal energy, we can decarbonise district heating systems across Europe, making heating both greener and cleaner.

Geothermal heating is an extremely climate-friendly heat source for district heating. When paired with renewable power from solar or wind, geothermal heating is not just carbon neutral, it is essentially emission free. Moreover, geothermal heating is always there, and the underground reservoir is its own storage facility, making it ideal as a baseload in district heating.

Once a plant is up-and-running there is no pollution, no noise, no smell and no waste, which makes Geothermal heating a good neighbour in the city. Stable and predictable prices put the district heating company in control of their heating costs by removing the uncertainty of fluctuating commodity prices.

Our business model: 

We take the initial risk
We take 100% of the risk and cost of the initial exploration phase. We have the funding to take the risk, see things through, and invest in long-term partnerships, and we require no payment until the heat flows.

Competitive pricing
Before Innargi, all geothermal projects were one-offs. By industrializing geothermal heating, we are both driving down costs and leveraging the learning effect.

30 years of dependable heat
We operate the facility for 30 years and guarantee heat availability and performance when it is up-and-running. Because geothermal is baseload, it is always there when you need it.

We engage locally
Understanding local plans and regulations and securing local permissions is our responsibility. We invest in securing the support of local communities – both those who govern them and those who live in them.



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