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Green Therma

Green Therma

About Green Therma

Established in February 2023, Green Therma is dedicated to revolutionizing the utilization of the Earth’s heat through proprietary technology and our unique Heat4Ever solution.


Founded: 2023

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Copenhagen

Organisation type: Company


District cooling

District energy

District heating

Geothermal energy

Smart buildings


Our mission is to provide affordable and reliable deep earth heating to everyone over a long time, with a minimal environmental footprint and virtually zero emissions. Real Green Energy.

Employing a single, deep, and horizontally drilled wellbore, we effectively harness Earth’s thermal energy to power district heating within a closed loop system. We use the patented DualVac technology, which optimizes energy production in a secure, emission-free, and environmentally friendly solution designed to endure for decades, which is why we have named our solution Heat4Ever.


Green Therma’s single-well deep earth heating solution using DualVac technology is simple, safe, and reliable when compared to current 2-well geothermal heating solutions. The DualVac technology enables the transfer of heated fluids from the toe of the well to the surface, with a minimum of heat loss. The uniquely designed vacuum solution insulates the heat in the inner pipe.

The Heat4Ever solution

Green Therma is a technology and service company that delivers world-class executed deep earth heating projects to utility companies and private enterprises providing low-risk, reliable, and sustainable energy. Green Therma plans, drills, and completes horizontal deep-earth heating wells with the patented DualVac technology. We drill deep horizontal closed-loop geothermal wells at a 2-4 km depth with a 2-6 km horizontal section to generate 1-3 MW of energy. Depending on the energy needed, it can be a single well or a group of single wells. Each well will be completed with the Dual Vacuum pipe technology (DualVac) and connected to the local district heating network. The Heat4Ever solution can also be used for industrial heating applications.

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