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Wind Farm Planning & Design

One thing is to produce an efficient and high quality wind turbine. But setting up a wind farm or even just a single wind turbine requires planning, visualising, maintenance, training and safety capabilities.

Planning for the future in wind power
A wind farm requires more capabilities than setting up a good turbine. In addition to wind resource mapping, considerations for the natural environment and other infrastructure, it is important to remember the grid planning.

Know-how and experience is key
Danish companies cover the entire value chain. Companies spanning the areas from consultancies and legal advisors to architects and other organisations have developed key competences in how to manage all the steps necessary to establish an onshore or offshore wind farm.

Large ambitions, great challenges
Long-term planning as well as a stable policy framework has been fundamental for Denmark's successful large scale integration of wind power. With more than 4,770 MW installed capacity, Danish companies have competencies in all areas of wind power. Denmark is currently home to 13 offshore wind farms and more are planned for the coming years.


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