From Sustainable Biomass to Competitive Bioenergy: Insights into Danish bioenergy solutions

In this whitepaper we share some of Denmark’s solutions and experiences in transforming sustainable biomass resources into competitive bioenergy solutions. Due to the extensive use of bioenergy, there is an abundance of expertise available in this field. In addition to hosting several top-efficient, full-scale biomass plants, Denmark is an industry hub and testing ground for modern energy technologies based on biofuels and biogas, and Danish companies and universities cooperate closely to offer world-class bioenergy solutions globally. From a global perspective, Denmark has one of the most efficient bioenergy clusters in the world. This is possible due to well-developed technologies for bioenergy production, biomass handling and exploitation.

We have gathered a selection of knowledge-cases and technological examples, each demonstrating opportunities and lessons learned from different stakeholders across the Danish bioenergy landscape. The content provides insights into the development of bioenergy solutions in Denmark, and the frameworks needed to further enable these developments. We hope you feel inspired.

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