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Resource efficient production


1. April 2009

Want to see this solution first hand?

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The power plant of the future will also be producing biofuel. This is the founding idea of a research and development project at Amager Incineration Plant, which is known as REnescience (REnewable science). You can visit a working demonstration model and experience firsthand how household waste can be converted into the fuel of the future.

REnescience combines the newest technology within pre-treatment of biomass with a gasification system. This makes for a highly flexible power plant that can run on a number of different fuels and produce electricity, heat, gas, or liquid fuels depending on what is required. At Amagerforbrænding the system transforms waste into liquid fuel. REnescience utilizes enzymes to seperate the waste. When adding the enzymes and the waste to a rotating drum the waste separates into a mass that can be transformed into liquid fluid and a residue product.

See the accompanying media for REnescience Fact Sheet.