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Denmark’s first power-to-x education and test facility

By the end of the 2024, a new power-to-x test facility will be established inside the green industrial park at GreenLab. The facility will be the first of its kind in Denmark, aimed at securing future practical skills.

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GreenLab is a unique, green and circular industrial park, which generates sustainable energy, supplies it to local businesses, and transforms it into heat, electrofuels, and other green products.

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Denmark’s First Power-to-X education and test facility is to be established at GreenLab Skive by the end of 2024. Therefore, companies, educational institutions, and researchers will soon be able to gain practical experience with Power-to-X at GreenLab. The project will enable researchers to conduct large-scale experiments as the site will serve as a testing ground for companies to test components and systems.

The success of the green transition hinges on expertise and new green technologies. To fulfil this, Denmark’s first power-to-x education and test facility is crafted to offer hands-on experience, equipping participants with skills essential for navigating the emergence of green hydrogen and e-fuels. The facility will additionally benefit researcher projects and companies, as the site may be used to test theories, systems, and components on a large scale.

Equipped with a 0.5 MW electrolysis module from Green Hydrogen Systems, as well as an array of energy storage solutions including a flow and lithium battery. The facility also mirrors the technology deployed in the GreenHyscale project, a 6MW commercial power-to-x plant at GreenLab.

Consequently, companies may use the facility to improve safety procedures through practical courses, enhance troubleshooting, or test new components on a large scale and in a real setting.

Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen

Get a full overview on how hydrogen can produce green fuels for transport and industry, create value for electricity supply and the electricity grid, and deliver heat for district heating.

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“We are proud to be the first to offer the practical part of training in power-to-x. The newly established GreenLab Academy aims to share the experiences we have gained at GreenLab, and with this new facility, we are creating a centre of competence in power-to-x, which is highly valuable for companies, researchers, and educational institutions. It means we can conduct training, education, and research, while companies test live systems, gather data, and test different solutions.”

Thomas Helsgaun, COO at GreenLab.

Universities also see great potential in the new facility, as it may be used to test new methods for optimising the production, consumption, and storage of green energy.

“It’s a gamechanger for both our students and researchers to have access to a physical training and research facility within Power-to-X. With this facility, we can create an attractive educational and research environment, equipping future engineers to tackle global challenges within the green transition. In this way, we can contribute to educating more engineers throughout Denmark.”

Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen, Corporate Director at DTU.

The contract for purchasing the educational facility has been signed, and it will be installed and commissioned at GreenLab over the summer and autumn. The inauguration is expected by the end of 2024.

Project overview

  • The facility is equipped with an advanced 0,5 MW electrolysis module from Green Hydrogen Systems, as well as a flow battery and a lithium battery.
  • The electrolyser is a similar to the module in the GreenHyScale project’s 6 MW commercial Power-to-X plant at GreenLab.
  • The facility is fully operational but will primarily be used for testing as well as educational and research activities.
  • GreenLab’s research platform with projects at the four technical universities in Denmark will be among the first users of the facility.
  • From the end of Q4, the facility will also be available for lease to educational institutions, companies, and researchers in general.
  • In the future, the facility will be connected to SymbiosisNet, GreenLab’s internal green infrastructure.
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