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About GreenLab

GreenLab is a unique, green and circular industrial park. We generate sustainable energy, supply it to the businesses located here, and transform it into heat, electrofuels, and other green products.


Founded: 2019

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Kåstrup, Skive

Organisation type: Company


Carbon capture, storage and utilisation

Circular value chains

Heat storage


Smart energy systems


A unique green, circular energy park – and a frontrunner in PtX
GreenLab is the green energy park of the future for companies that want to contribute to the green transition. Here, sustainable energy is generated and supplied to the park’s companies in the form that best suits them. The energy is then transformed into heat, electrofuels, and other green products. In the green industrial park, everything will be connected by the so-called SymbiosisNet™ an intelligent network of energy and data under development. The system connects industries as they establish their operations to enable an exchange of surplus energy and resources.

GreenLab is also a frontrunner in PtX and expects to launch the world’s first full-scale 6 MW PtX production facility in the beginning of 2023. PtX is of crucial importance to the green transition.

A technology catalyst and a national research facility
GreenLab provides a testbed for some of the world’s best academics concerned with the challenges posed by sustainable energy solutions. Here, scientists turn theory into practice and use GreenLab as a research and innovation platform. GreenLab’s ambition is to create new markets for technology and energy companies that want to explore and capitalize on sustainable production and PtX technologies.

An ambitious project with local roots demonstrating growth and increased employment
GreenLab is an example of an ambitious project with a strong local anchorage. Through hard work and persistency, GreenLab has proven itself as a business case that has benefitted local
growth and employment to a very high degree.

Skive Municipality has invested in the region’s strengths within energy and innovation since 2008 and established a unit to oversee the efforts early on. This unit was successful in bringing together a group of companies that all wanted to establish an energy symbiosis. In 2014-2015, GreenLab started taking shape. Today, GreenLab attracts highly qualified professionals to the area and – in collaboration with external partners – takes on responsibility for the education of the future workforce within renewable energy.

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