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District heating


19. September 2023

Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen

Get a full overview on how hydrogen can produce green fuels for transport and industry, create value for electricity supply and the electricity grid, and deliver heat for district heating - provided the input is green energy.
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Hydrogen projects in Denmark

In recent years, Denmark has seen a remarkable surge in announced hydrogen projects. In 2020, publicly announced electrolysis capacity was only 40 MW. In 2023, this number had increased to 22 GW.

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Globally, green hydrogen plays a vital role in advancing the green transition. Decarbonising industries and transportation is not merely a national undertaking but a multinational effort necessitating strong cross-border collaboration. Although Denmark has achieved significant milestones, there remains a long journey ahead. Within this white paper, we have compiled some of the insights we have gained throughout this journey.

Key take-aways from the white paper:

Explore the full value chain of green hydrogen and e-fuels

Learn how to utilise renewable energy to produce hydrogen and e-fuels

Understand how sector integration can unlock additional value 

Be inspired by perspectives, solutions and collaborations in the pursuit of global green transition.

About this white paper

This white paper takes the reader chronologically through the value chain for green hydrogen, spanning renewable energy production, electrolysis, and hydrogen derivatives, through to the utilisation of hydrogen and hydrogen-based products, and sector integration. It presents how and why Denmark is geared to accelerate the fuel shift and decarbonise global transport and energy-intensive industries – offering a roadmap for others to be inspired by the pursuit of a greener future.

The publication is available in German here: ‘Grüner Wasserstoff und E-Fuels

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