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Green hydrogen

Utilising electrolyser heat in the heating network

25. September 2023

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Everfuel is the new hydrogen energy company in Europe. Dedicated to commercialising green hydrogen for mobility and industry.

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Transitioning to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar is principal for achieving net-zero emissions. However, obstacles arise from their intermittent nature, generating power only when the sun shines or the wind blows. Additionally, decarbonising hard-to-electrify sectors, such as heavy industry and transportation, remains a challenge due to the reliance on fossil fuels.

Power-to-X technology offers a  solution to the challenge of intermittent renewable energy sources. By converting renewable energy into green hydrogen through processes like electrolysis, Power-to-X helps mitigate the risk of wasted energy while facilitating the decarbonisation of sectors traditionally dependent on fossil fuels.


In Fredericia, Denmark, the HySynergy project is reshaping the energy landscape through a partnership between green hydrogen producer Everfuel and local district heating company TVIS. This project aims to leverage excess heat generated from Everfuel’s green hydrogen production and supplying it to local households.

To facilitate this integration, TVIS has implemented a 1.2 km transmission line, linking the district heating network directly to Everfuel’s electrolysis plant. This strategic infrastructure enables the transfer of excess heat generated during hydrogen production, effectively repurposing what would otherwise be wasted energy to fulfill heating demands within the district.


The project presents a win-win scenario for both parties involved. By providing access to green fuels for heavy-duty and private vehicles and replacing fossil fuel-based hydrogen and natural gas in industry processes, the project contributes to CO2 emission reductions. And through the utilisation of excess heat, Everfuel’s hydrogen facility sees a substantial boost in energy efficiency, achieving an efficiency of approximately 87%. Concurrently, TVIS reaps the rewards by delivering clean heating solutions to around 1,800 households in the vicinity.

The project is supported with € 6.5 Mio from Danish Energy Agency.

HySynergy: Partners and off-takers

  • Crossbridge Energy as off-taker of parts of the green hydrogen
  • Aktive Energi Anlæg (AEA) as EPC partner for the construction
  • Trefor Elnet as the power DSO
  • Energinet as the power TSO
  • TVIS for incorporating surplus heat in the district heating system
  • EWII as power grid analyst

The project is supported with EUR 6.5 Mio from the Danish Energy Agency.

Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen

This case is a part of the white paper “Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen”. Discover Denmark’s plans to produce green fuels and decarbonise global transport and energy-intensive industries.

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