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Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is part of  the Ministry of Environment and Food, and is the national authority on environmental and nature protection in Denmark. The agency is promoting a rich nature, clean water and air, safe chemistry, and green production. Our core objective is to implement nature and environmental legislation, balancing the use of resources and protection of human health and nature.

The Environmental Protection Agency has 5 main focus areas:

  1. Innovative implementation, enforcement and guidance of regulations in close contact with local authorities, industry and stakeholders.
  2. Modern monitoring and information collection on health and nature impacts from pollution and resource uses.
  3. The central gateway to competent knowledge on the state of the environment, and possible policies and measures.
  4. Promoting  clean production, a circular economy and sustainable development.
  5. Close and active relations to the world around us.

The agency is organized in 5 centers focusing on:

  • Rich Nature: Landscape, forests, species, and nature.
  • Clean Water: Water resources, aquatic environment, and outdoor recreation.
  • Safe Chemistry: Chemical uses, pesticides, and biocides.
  • Green Production: Waste, circular economy, industrial regulation, noise and air pollution, and eco-innovation.
  • Staff: Financing, organization, digitalization, and legal service.

The main office of the agency is located in Odense, and local units are situated all over Denmark at 10 locations. The agency have approximately 1000 employees. For more information, take a look at some of our international activities.

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Signe Kromann-Rasmussen
+45 93 59 70 59

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