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Strategic Water Sector Cooperation between Denmark and Morocco

27. October 2022

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Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for administrative and research tasks in the areas of environmental protection.

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Danish-Moroccan cooperation

The Danish Ministry of Environment is together with The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (National Water Authority) in charge of the cooperation with the Ministry of Equipment and Water as the local partner in Morocco.

Morocco is a suffering from water scarcity partly due to climate change. The country is close to reaching the UN level for absolute water stress.    

Water loss (non revenue water) is at around 25-30% in Morocco.  

The agricultural sector use 87-90% of accessible water in the country.

The Ministry of Environment of Denmark

Taking care of Nature and the environment, consumer protection and information are core concerns of the Ministry of Environment.

The Ministry facilitates the development of sustainable and ressource-efficient solutions and contributes to the development of the Danish society, while simultaneously minding nature, the environment and our drinking water.


A Danish-Moroccan strategic sector cooperation on sustainable water management has been agreed. Public-private partnership might be introduced in the upcoming SSC-cooperation. 

Leakage search, introduction of economic instruments and asset management practices might be part of the solution. 


The Danish-Moroccan strategic sector cooperation will focus on water losses, simplification of organizational structures, and climate adaption in local areas in Morocco.