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Water resource management

Investing in water infrastructure in South Africa

4. December 2023

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South Africa is confronted with considerable challenges in the water sector, which is predominantly dependent on surface water sources. As population growth increases demand, there is an urgent need for substantial investment to build new infrastructure and optimise existing installations


For the past ten years, Denmark and South Africa have been working closely together to improve water services at the national and municipal level with a focus on water reform, efficiency, and enhanced services through bilateral strategic sector cooperation. Water experts from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency have been posted at the Danish Embassy in Pretoria to work with the national water authorities and the City of Tshwane. The goal is to contribute to improved water resource management and accessibility.


Today, the cooperation is focusing on consolidating results and tangible impact. Going forward, the project will develop potential financing opportunities with the Danish public infrastructure arm, Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF). DSIF finances public sustainable infrastructure projects in areas such as energy, water, and sanitation.


Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance

Financing the green transition

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