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Green financing




29. November 2023

Financing the green transition

Mobilising investments to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient economy.
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Addressing the need for investments in the green transition

The world urgently needs to transform energy systems, reduce CO2 emissions, conserve natural resources, increase biodiversity, and increase climate resilience through adaptation measures in a socially just manner.

This white paper seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of key aspects of financing the global green transition. By exploring successful examples of green financing measures, it aims to create mutual understanding among key stakeholders and inspire decision-makers to take steps to accelerate the green transition.

Key take-aways

Explore the role of the financial sector in incentivising a green transition

Learn about how partnerships can act as a means to accelerate the green transition

Understand Denmark’s position as a driver in mobilising private investments

Explore public-private partnerships and tangible solutions to financing the green transition

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