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Green financing

The power of ESG KPI-linked loans

31. January 2024

Solution provider

Finans Danmark

The financial sector is involved in all parts of the economy and is an important engine for the development of a green and sustainable economy.

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It can be a challenge for some businesses to align their financial goals with sustainability and responsible business practices. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) KPI-linked loans are a financial instrument to incentivise and reward businesses for achieving specific sustainability and responsible business targets.


These loans have a similar loan structure to traditional loans but are unique in tying ESG KPIs to the loan agreement, meaning that the borrower commits to achieving certain ESG performance-related targets over the loan’s duration. It is important to nsure that ESG KPIs are relevant and meaningful for many different companies, which is why they are often tailored to the borrower’s industry and operation. For example, a manufacturing company may have ESG KPIs related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Ensuring transparency is important, which is why regular monitoring and reporting is required to assess the borrower’s progress toward meeting the ESG KPIs. It is beneficial for meeting ESG KPIs to unlock positive financial benefits, such as lower interest rates or extended loan tenure. On the other hand, failing to meet the ESG targets may lead to penalties or higher interest rates. Financial authorities and governments are constantly updating and introducing regulations on ESG-related investments to prevent misleading sustainability claims from occurring.