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Green financing

Measuring CO2 impact in Denmark’s financial sector

31. January 2024

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Finans Danmark

The financial sector is involved in all parts of the economy and is an important engine for the development of a green and sustainable economy.

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There is a need to measure the CO2 impact of loans and investments effectively, so the financial sector can reduce its carbon footprint in alignment with global climate goals.

Many of the Danish government’s 14 climate partnerships emphasized the need for a uniform method to assess carbon footprints for companies, consumers, and institutional investors.


Consequently, the Climate Partnership for Finance developed a common approach to effectively measure CO2 emissions.

Finance Denmark and Insurance and Pension Denmark have developed a model to measure the CO2 footprint of loans and investments. This model can be used by pension funds and assets managers.


It not only enables the establishment of CO2 reduction targets but is also intended to be adaptable for individual companies to calculate their specific CO2 impact. Furthermore, it is part of a larger initiative to create a standardised CO2 measurement method across all sectors, making it a valuable tool for supporting dialogue both consumers and companies on how each can make more sustainable choices.