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Green financing

Supporting African growth through investments

4. December 2023

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PKA is a non-profit labor market pension fund based in Denmark. We manage the pensions of 350,000 members employed primarily in the social service and health care sectors

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Many African countries are experiencing positive development with increasing growth and stable political systems, but to support this development, significant investments are needed in both the public and private sector.


In 2017 PKA, PFA, A.P. Møller Holding, PensionDenmark, Lægernes Pension, and Lærernes Pension were founding investors in the investment fund Africa Infrastructure Fund I. In total, they have collectively committed EUR 505 million (USD 550 million) to the fund, which will help improve infrastructure in selected African countries and thereby enhance the positive development that Africa is experiencing. According to PKA, it is important that the investments are made in partnership with companies, public institutions, and other investors to mitigate the risks associated with investing in developing countries.


The fund is fully invested in eight investment projects from which PKA expects attractive returns for its members all while contributing to growth and job creation in Africa.

Financing the green transition

This is a part of the white paper “Financing the Green Transition”. Discover Denmark’s plans to mobilise investments to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient economy.


PKA, PFA, A.P. Møller Holding, PensionDenmark, Lægernes Pension, and Lærernes Pension

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