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Groundwater management

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1. August 2022

Groundwater-based water supply

How groundwater can aid in securing water supply amidst population increases and climate change
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Global demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by 40 % in 2030. Groundwater can be a sustainable source of high-quality drinking water. Especially in a time when climate change, water scarcity, and droughts are frequent and increasing. Whether relying on a groundwater supply entirely, or as a supplement to surface water, the potential is considerable.

The national water supply in Denmark is almost entirely based on groundwater. This has led to the development and implementation of some of the most innovative technologies for comprehensive groundwater mapping, monitoring and protection programmes in the world, not least regarding pesticides.

The groundwater expertise gained therefrom includes:

  • registration and databases
  • surveying technologies
  • software tools for integrated water resource modelling, and
  • decision-making systems, essential to sustainable management.

All made possible with the right financial incentives, regulations, and other initiatives to drive both a public and private understanding of the real price of water.

Successful governance through water price regulation

The price of water charged is decided by each utility and can include a fixed fee + charged per consumed m3 or simply a charge per consumption only. It will reflect the actual cost of production and management, a full cost recovery. The Average water price in Denmark is approx. EUR 9 per m3.  Still that the average Dane spends only 1.4 per cent of their household budget on water and wastewater.


Key take-aways

  • Gain insight into the many potentials of groundwater as a reliable water source
  • Obtain an overview of how solutions have been implemented in Denmark and around the world
  • Meet Danish partners to collaborate with on projects in your own country

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