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New white paper: Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen

Released during this year's New York Climate Week, the white paper titled 'Green Hydrogen is Danish Hydrogen' offers a comprehensive deep-dive into Denmark's plans to use hydrogen to decarbonize global transportation and energy-intensive industries.
19 September 2023

Discover the white paper

Explore the full value chain of green hydrogen and e-fuels

Learn how to utilise renewable energy to produce hydrogen and e-fuels

Understand how sector integration can unlock additional value 

Be inspired by perspectives, solutions and collaborations in the pursuit of global green transition.

Discover the white paper

Denmark is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy resources, particularly in offshore wind. With a firm governmental commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, and nationwide expertise in integrating variable renewables into the energy system, the Danish stage is now set to scale green hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen is Danish Hydrogen

Just as Denmark has played a pivotal role in the growth of the offshore wind industry, the country has set its eyes on becoming a frontrunner in the green hydrogen sector, by utilising renewable energy sources like wind and solar to produce hydrogen and hydrogen-based products.

Denmark has experience across the whole green hydrogen value chain, from unparalleled experience within offshore wind, highly efficient electrolyser technologies, and a core focus on cross-industry energy efficiency, to a strong transport sector, district heating grids for utilising excess heat, and cutting-edge technology providers.

Denmark is also world-renowned for its research and development, helping new industries take root. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that the workforce’s abilities align with the demands of the new hydrogen industry, all while educating a skilled labour force, ensuring a transition that is both green and just.

With the Danish energy model characterised by a holistic view of energy planning with a strong focus on sector integration, Denmark is well-positioned to apply its experience to propel the development of green hydrogen on a global scale.

About the white paper

Bringing together perspectives, solutions and collaborations in the pursuit of global green transition, this publication gives you a comprehensive overview of how green hydrogen can generate green fuels for transport and industry, contribute to a more sustainable electricity supply and grid, and even deliver heat for district heating systems.

This white paper takes the reader chronologically through the fundamental value chain for green hydrogen, spanning renewable energy production, electrolysis, and hydrogen derivatives, through to the utilisation of hydrogen and hydrogen-based products, and sector integration. It presents how and why Denmark is geared to accelerate the fuel shift and decarbonise global transport and energy-intensive industries.

The publication serves as a roadmap for the widespread adoption and implementation of the technologies behind power-to-x. It provides insights into the green hydrogen value chain, showcases Denmark’s achievements and ambitions in the field, and offers inspiration for other countries and industries looking to embrace the technology. The white paper is a valuable resource for policymakers, industry leaders, and anyone interested in harnessing the potential of power-to-x and green hydrogen.

Download the white paper: Green Hydrogen is Danish Hydrogen

Get a full overview on how hydrogen can produce green fuels for transport and industry, create value for electricity supply and the electricity grid, and deliver heat for district heating - provided the input is green energy.


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