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How to increase biogas production with green hydrogen

2. May 2024

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Biogas is a renewable energy source that is produced through the breakdown of organic matter, such as agricultural waste, food waste, and sewage. While biogas is a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, it still produces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when burned for energy. 

To address this issue, there are various methods for removing or limiting CO2 emissions from biogas. One approach is to separate the CO2 from the biogas through a process called biogas upgrading, which involves removing impurities and increasing the methane content of the biogas. In most cases, it is standard procedure to just emit the separated biogenic CO2 into the atmosphere.  


Andel and Nature Energy have come together to solve this challenge. In the Glansager project in Jutland, Denmark, the partners have increased the utilisation rate of an existing biogas plant by increasing methane production and reducing CO2 emissions.  

To achieve this, an electrolyser was installed, and green hydrogen added to the biogas in bioreactors, converting it to methane gas. Hereby, the methane content has increased from 60-65 percent to 98 percent, and pure natural gas has been pumped into the gas grid. 

The biogas plant is owned and operated by Nature Energy. Andel, who is a major Danish electrical utility, has established the electrolyses plant and delivered green hydrogen, while BWSC has project managed, engineered, installed, and supplied the mechanical balance-of-plant equipment to the electrolyser units for the hydrogen plant, as well as installed the electrolysers. 


With the methanation concept the output of the biogas plant has increased. With this project 25-33 percent of the present Glansager biogas production has been upgraded via the methanation process, delivering more energy to the local community.  

The project has been completed in 2023. On November 3rd, the Glansager Bio Power-to-X plant celebrated its official inauguration with distinguished guests, including our Minister of Commerce. 

Local partner

Andel Energi is part of the Andel Group, which is a leading energy and fibre network group and a cooperative. Andel fights for a green future for all by providing vital infrastructure, renewable energy and innovative energy solutions.