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GREEN INSIGHTS allows you to visit Danish partners and explore their green solutions and physical surroundings without the need for traveling. Find out how our partners drive the Danish green transition, interact with speakers as if you were there yourself, or be part of an inclusive 360°/VR experience, guiding you through Danish partner facilities of your choosing.

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Available through our Partner: Tårnby Forsyning A/S

Tårnby Forsyning & Høje Tåstrup Fjernvarme

District heating supplies 64% of all Danish households, with 60.000km of pipes running underground. District heating allows for greater synergy between the technologies already in operation, while paving the way for future technologies.

Available through our Partner: Energinet


As the Danish TSO – Transmission System Operator – Energinet owns, develops and operates the Danish electricity and transmission grid. By balancing electricity production and demand, Energinet secures one of the world’s most stable and secure electricity markets.

Available through our Partner:

Port of Esbjerg

Covering 4.5 million m2, Port of Esbjerg is the world’s largest base port for offshore wind activities. As the only port in the world covering the whole wind value chain, the port is home to more than 200 companies, employing more than 10.000 workers.

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Whether you are planning a fact-finding mission, looking for investment opportunities, or searching for potential partners for upcoming projects, we can connect you with Danish companies, utilities, and organisations who can help solve your green challenge.

As with our physical tour, we tailor the GREEN INSIGHT to your specific needs. Each session begins with a short introduction to State of Green. Following the introduction, you will be able to engage in a dialogue with one or more relevant partners and learn more about your area of interest, setting you up for a potential future partnership. Depending on your needs, the GREEN INSIGHT may include a guided 360° journey to sites and facilities matching your interests. Either sit back and enjoy the show, or have your smartphone ready alongside of the session, and dive into the features of our virtual 360° tour instructed by your presenter.

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