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Urban green transition

Discover why holistic and strategic city planning and development within mobility and infrastructure, climate adaptation must take centre stage in the transformed cities of tomorrow.


In 2024, it will be 30 years since the first European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns was held in Aalborg. The 10th conference of its kind now returns to Aalborg, where the so-called Aalborg Charter was adopted in 1994. The charter remains an important foundation for sustainability work in Europe.

The conference is part of Aalborg 2024, which includes green events, activities, and exhibitions in Aalborg, Denmark. The official programme will be updated continuously with inspiring deep-dives, interesting site visits to local solution providers, and talks with leading urban experts and professionals from around the world.

The European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns in Aalborg is organised by ICLEI and hosted by the City of Aalborg. State of Green is co-organising a series of activities around the conference. Stay tuned on this page for more information.

Celebrating 30 years of European sustainable cities and towns in Aalborg

Aalborg will host the conference for the third time, marking a return to its origins, as the European Sustainable Cities and Towns conference began in Aalborg in 1994. This 10th edition of the European Sustainable Cities & Towns conference celebrates 30 years of the Aalborg Charter and is part of a week-long sustainability festival that highlights how the city and the region of North Denmark advance sustainability transformation.

The 10th edition will demonstrate how Local Green Deals are making the EU Green Deal a reality across Europe. It will address the potential of local governments to shape a new sustainable urban reality, and how working with key partners and accommodating frameworks at multiple levels can be powerful enablers.

For those interested in citizen inclusion in sustainability efforts, the municipality’s Local Green Deals, or integrating social equity and justice into sustainability initiatives, Aalborg is the ideal destination.

Sub-national climate action

Listen to Sound of Green ‘Sub-national climate action’ as we present insightful interviews with Mark Watts (C40 network), Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Pelle Bournonville (Realdania), and Louise Koch (Grundfos).


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The Aalborg Charter

The Aalborg Charter put cities and towns on the map as leaders of sustainability action.
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Aalborg prepares to host international conference on sustainable cities

10 May 2024
In October, over 1,000 politicians and civil servants from across Europe will gather in Aalborg to discuss how European municipalities can best support the green and sustainable transition.