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Green hydrogen

Watering the energy of the future

29. April 2024

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Ramboll is a leading international architecture, engineering, and consultancy company, owned by the Ramboll Foundation.

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The energy company European Energy is planning to build a Power-to-X plant in Nakskov, Lolland, in the southern part of Denmark. The key purpose is to produce e-methanol to the shipping industry and other industries.   

However, groundwater resources in Lolland are very limited, and businesses in Lolland will not be allowed to use groundwater for process purposes in the future. So, Lolland Utility has asked Ramboll to help to investigate how to utilize treated wastewater to supply the water needed by the new plant.


Ramboll provided a preliminary evaluation, including determination of water quality requirements and optimal location of the facility. Additionally, Ramboll is assessing necessary installations, construction, and operation. The scope of works also includes clarification of official and regulatory matters, as well as a screening of the project. 


We expect that treated wastewater will make 500,000-700,000 m3 technical water of drinking quality available in the future to the benefit of the new Power-to-X facility as well as other industries.