Good rainwater management can make cities healthier places to live, resilient towards climate change and more sustainable overall. Population growth and urbanisation, floodings as well as more frequent and longer periods of droughts all encourage an optimised use of rainwater in cities. Traditionally speaking, climate adaptation seeks to lower the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, including flooding caused by extreme rain events.

However, when approached holistically it can also be used to create synergies between a number of urban challenges by addressing several areas of urban development, at the same time. In this respect, Nature Based (NBS) can play a key role in urban rainwater management, biodiversity increase and city-dwellers health and access to green areas.

This white paper features lessons learned from different Danish stakeholders within rainwater management and Nature Based Solutions (NBS), supported by inspirational examples highlighting the possibilities available, when using rainwater as a resource. Partly to reduce the risk of flooding and expensive damages and partly to contribute to creating greener, liveable and resilient cities.

Placing water at the core of the city’s urban planning and investments creates a strong foundation for sustainable growth. When urban planners and water managers join hands, it increases chances of developing longterm solutions, which successfully integrate the role of water with the needs of both local citizens and nature.

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