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Climate change adaptation


Nature based solutions


5. March 2021

Nature Based Solutions

Using rainwater as a resource to create resilient and liveable cities
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Rainwater management

Good rainwater management can make cities healthier places to live, resilient towards climate change and more sustainable overall. Population growth, increasingly polluted drinking water, floorings and more frequent and longer periods of droughts all encourage an optimized use of rainwater in cities.

When rainwater use is approached holistically it can also be used to create synergies between several urban challenges by addressing several areas of urban development at the same time. For example

  • turning urban areas green
  • reducing heat islands

Examples of typical nature based solution elements

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) are measures that encapsulate the notion of water as a resource. NBS support a triple bottom line of planet, profit and people, where the aim is to heighten urban resiliency. Download the publication to see the full list.

Nature based solutions examples

Multifunctional solutions create more resilient and liveable cities

A large number of synergies and cost-efficiencies can be achieved when rainwater management is integrated into overall urban planning. Cities around the world are increasingly concerned with becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change, including reducing the risk of flooding and rising temperatures. At the same time, many cities are focusing on securing an ample supply of clean drinking water that can sustain a growing population.

Denmark is working towards creating multifunctional solutions which – in addition to managing rainwater and reducing the risk of flooding – also create added value for cities as they contribute to maintaining a sustainable water balance and result in new, attractive recreational areas.

In this respect, Nature Based Solutions (NBS) can play a key role in urban water management and contribute to building cities that are attractive for people to live, work and play in.


Key take-aways

  • Gain insight into the many potentials of using Nature Based Solutions
  • See the potential of using rainwater as a resource
  • Learn how reduce the risk of flooding and expensive damages while creating greener, liveable and resilient cities
  • Climate adaptation seeks to lower the risks posed by the consequences of climate change, including flooding that arises from extreme rain events. Nature based solutions offer measures for climate adaptation, increased biodiversity, and the reuse of rainwater.
  • Nature based solutions can offer a more cost-effective way to handling storm water and extreme rain events. Rather than heavy infrastructure costs for sewer expansion.
  • Creating multifunctional solutions which manages rainwater and reduces the risk of flooding whilst also create added value for cities is doable with Nature based Solutions as they contribute to maintaining a sustainable water balance and result in new, attractive recreational areas.

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