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Climate change adaptation

Flood prevention

Nature based solutions

Water management

Water supply

Genvand start up in 2011 and we are located in Aarhus, Denmark. Genvand only works with good quality products. imports equipment for rainwater harvesting for private and commercial buildings. We import quality products from Germany. We also carry out necessary consulting for installation and commissioning. We deliver plants for basement storage of rainwater complete with tanks, filters, pump and controle system.

We also deliver tanks for storage of food, drinking water, vastewater and other purpose. Tanks can be placed  in ground, inside buildings, outside on solid ground and on trucks. Genvand imports watercleaners with dispensors for cold and boiling water so we can produce clean drinking water out of rain water.

We have just build a plant where we harvest rainwater and clean it with UV light and osmose filter  to drinking water.

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