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WaterCare is a well-established production company that is specialised in solutions to improve the waste and surface water environment.

With products ranging from septic tanks, pumping stations, and reuse of rainwater to purifying the discharge of surface rainwater, WaterCare is in front when it comes to purification of rainwater and household wastewater.

Dual Porosity Filtration (DPF) - sustainable urban water management
DPF is a purification plant for the treatment of surface water. Road and roof water runoff may contain polluted substances (such as heavy metals, suspended solids, pesticides or PAHs) stemming from contact with asphalt, concrete or similar surfaces. This is problematic for the environment.

The processes of purifying the water in DPF are sedimentation, adsorption, and biodegradation. Less than 5 mg/l suspended solids (SS) can be expected from DPF. Particles larger than 2µm will be removed, creating crystal clear water after the purification processes. The removal of heavy metals and phosphorus is significant compared to other solutions on the market.

When the surface water is purified in a dual porosity filtration plant, the water may be used recreationally for fountains, trenches and lakes. The water becomes so clean that it may be used for highly sensitive recipient water bodies.

Besides recycling the water, the process also spares the sewage system because the water treatment plants do not have to treat water that is only slightly contaminated, and the water does not have to be pumped around. Dual Porosity Filtration is inspired by nature and requires no power and no chemicals. It makes no noise, it does not smell and the process has a capacity ranging from 3 litre per second to 100 litre per second.

As an example, in Allerød municipality the water is carried to a new lake, which will be home to large water salamanders and other species for which clean water is a must. Read more about the solution in Allerød in the uploaded case.

Watercare’s dual porosity filtration plants have capacities spanning from 3 L/sec to 100 L/sec and may be combined as needed.

The Theory Behind
The theory behind the plant has been developed by Marina Bergen Jensen, Professor at the University of Copenhagen. Watercare has designed and commercialised the process and has acquired licence rights for sale and production.

Learn more about how WaterCare works with Dual Porosity Filtration in this video: Dual Porosity Filtration

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