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Climate change adaptation

Nature based solutions

Urban water management

Taasinge Square – the first climate adapted urban space in Copenhagen

20. September 2016

Solution provider

LYTT Architecture
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On Taasinge Square we tell the story about an urban habitat. Here the city’s rhythm meets nature’s cycles and the logic of rainwater forms the urban environment. The activity of citizens, water flows, the precise geometry in the district, and the Copenhagen dialect are all combined with the natural and self-grown approach to vegetation and water. The topography creates an urban space where edges, transitions, and the relationship between inside and outside is essential.

The square is equipped with luminous water-sculptures: drops and parasols. Rainwater from the roof surfaces leads to three large storage containers. These tanks, shaped as giant drops, reflect the sky and invites to be climbed on. With hand pumps, one is made to release its content, so water is led to the vegetation. The parasols lead the rainwater to infiltration and provide shelter. The presence of water is given a playful form that functionally fits this particular part of the city.

In collaboration with: Malmos, Orbicon, ViaTrafik & FELD.