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Climate change adaptation

Water management

Engaging and mobilising the local community in creating a Climate City in Middelfart, Denmark

4. March 2021

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Covering an area of 450,000 m2, “The Climate City” project in Middelfart demonstrates how to integrate climate adaptation with urban development. Through a dialogue based co-creational process, the municipality and wastewater utility have worked closely together with landscape architects, engineers, local citizens
and other stakeholders in developing the project. From the programming phase, through the architectural competition process and subsequent project development and detailed project design, citizens have actively contributed with local knowledge, comments and ideas. The Climate City project, which focuses on climate adaptation through urban design of public areas, also functions as a driving force, which inspires local home owners to manage rainwater within their own gardens. Therefore, The Climate City is to a great degree about mobilising the local citizens to become an integrated part of the project. The Climate City is a partnership project between Middelfart Municipality, Middelfart Wastewater Utility and the philanthropic organisation, Realdania..